Did you know that Micuir is a sustainable and eco-friendly handmade in Spain brand that supports the slow fashion movement?

My name is Elena, and I think that it is extraordinary that a young team decides to follow the know-how and traditional craftsmanship of the past, which is the idea behind Micuir which literally means “my leather”.

After working for several years in the fashion industry, I realised that the designs I liked rarely existed: high quality shoes and bags made in leather by Spanish master craftsmen. Simple designs that do not show the logo. For this reason, I decided to create exclusive and high quality styles with the Micuir logo only on the inside. Micuir is pure luxury at an affordable price.

Collection after collection, I launch new models that are always faithful to these 3 key concepts: “Maximum quality, exclusive designs handmade in Spain and attention to detail”.

Each Micuir shoe is crafted by more than 44 Spanish artisans, from the very first step of its making process to the very last (always unique and created only for our brand): adding the heel, polishing the leather and at last boxing it.

It is believed within the shoe industry that creating a shoe involves more people than building a plane, and for this reason, we truly believe that our unique designs are our trademark.

Our shoes and handbags are designed in our Showroom in Madrid. Moreover, the making process is done in workshops located in Alicante, Spain, an urban worldwide reference in the leather craftsmanship.

This combination is what makes the craftsmanship process of our brand a more sustainable and greater promoter of the slow fashion movement. Because of this, all of our products are eco-friendly as they are made of natural leather recycled from the agro-alimentary sector, always being aware of the most sustainable processes.

Our main goal is to be transparent, so that every customer knows where our shoes and bags come from and, ultimately, become acquainted with the team behind each design. We are a young brand, but we are proud to be unique and create exclusive and high quality Spanish designs, since both love and passion bring the best in life.

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