In Micuir we design and produce our shoes with love and care in order to make you feel comfortable and unique at all times. Therefore, we ask you to take care of our product each time you wear it. We remind you that our shoes and handbags have been manufactured with the highest quality standards.

For better conservation of your product we recommend the following precautions:

  • Suede and split leather: repellent spray to prevent stains. Do not cream the material in order to maintain its plush finish.
    Tip: you can use repellent spray powder.
  • Patent leather: use an impregnated cotton with milk or vinegar to remove stains, then use a cloth to dry and rub to polish the shoe.
    Tip: rubbing strongly will revive the original luster.
  • Leather: remove the dust with a dry cotton cloth and rub to shine. You can also give either colourless or skin tone cream.
    Tip: rub with a soft sponge with colourless natural cream.
  • Oiled leather: brush and apply special grease for this type of skin.
    Tip: you can also use horse fat or natural waxes.

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